Joyride to Jupiter

Joyride to Jupiter

A heartbroken man deals with his wifes Alzheimers as best he can. The Jesus of OConnell Street reflects on his situation, which isnt half bad. A too-young girl witnesses her fathers shocking infidelity. A quiet murder on a riverbank.

Imperfect lovers and unlikely friends thwart and bolster each other as they act out their dramas on the beaches of Brazil, in the bedrooms of Dublin, and in the wilds of North America. With prose both lyrical and profound, the award-winning Nuala OConnor writes of maternal love and cross-generational friendship but here, also, are stories of ageing, suicide, and the buoyancy of new love.

Praise for Joyride to Jupiter

"O'Connor's language is clean and conscientious as well as poetic and lyrical, evident in the abstraction of "Yellow". The collection exudes a quiet confidence and exercises the exemplary restraint of a seasoned writer who knows when to pull rather than push."

Louisa Carroll The Sunday Times - 04-June-2017

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